Refund Policy Agreement


We appreciate your business and sincerely hope you are satisfied with your purchase. However, if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase you may be eligible for a refund or store credit depending on the option you choose. This policy may also be known as or referred to as our Money Back Guarantee(d).

Refunds or Store Credit

All refunds or store credit requests must be received within (30) days of purchase of such items or services.

Refund Process

All refunds or store credit requests must be submitted to our customer service department within (30) days of purchase. Please email our customer service department at to notify our team of your request. You must include the following in your request:

  • Whether you would like a refund or store credit.
  • Your order number.
  • Your order date.
  • Your name, email address and physical address listed on the order.
  • The reason for your request. Please include as much detail as possible for the reason of your request.
  • The user/member must state that s/he agrees to stop using the purchased extension or service immediately and forever. Please see for more information.
  • If applicable, the date of purchase, order number, email address and physical address of the extension installation service order. Please see the Exceptions clause below for more info.

If a refund or store credit is granted, the end user/member agrees to stop use of the mentioned extension or service immediately and forever. The end member also agrees to never share, transfer or modify the refunded mentioned extension or service. Please see for more information. Should the end user/member later decide to use the mentioned refunded extension or service again, s/he must first purchase the same item or service again.


kiro.commerce strives to provide top notch service and 100% customer satisfaction at all times. However, due to non tangible products and/or services offered here at kiro.commerce, there are some exceptions to our refund policy that the end user/member must acknowledge and agree to while using our website and/or purchasing our products, source code / Magento extensions or services. The following list these refund exceptions:

    • The user/member must request a refund within (30) days of purchase or this refund policy will no longer apply and a refund or store credit will not be issued.
    • The user/member must have already opened a support ticket with our kiro.commerce support team notifying them of the issue. This will give our support staff the opportunity to help resolve your issue. If the problem cannot be resolved, a refund or store credit (depending on which method you choose) will be issued for your purchase. This would also include the extension installation service and/or our support service(s), if purchased.
    • If the complaint is due to a purchased server side service such as, but not limited to, an SSL installation service request which has been confirmed to not be working properly. In this case, the user/member will be issued a refund or a store credit (depending on which method you choose).
    • A full refund cannot be issued if you purchased the mentioned extension, source code and/or service(s) using a Cryptocurrency such as, but not limited to, Bitcoin, ETH and/or etc. In these instances, kiro.commerce can only refund the purchase amount, minus the transaction fees that occur(ed) to and from Cryptocurrency wallets. However, kiro.commerce can offer a full refund as store credit should you desire this method instead.

Contact Information

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